A murderer heart

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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A Murderer Heart
The stars were shining in the sky and the moon showed its face pale and glistening, there would not be another night like this. The desolate streets, lit by lanterns scarce light,could not being watched in full. The dark alleys hidden communicated some of these empty roads.
Hidden behind one of the walls of hundreds of dingy alleys was him, as is ferocious predator awaitingthe appearance of his long-awaited dam. Echoing sounds were heard near the alley, far away could see the faint figure of a man, swaying from side to side, bumping into everything in its path.
Heprepared his silver revolver and trying to make as little noise as possible, he charged it; he looked back and indeed, the man drowned in alcohol had not heard anything, in fact would be very difficult todistinguish the sound of his weapon with him tripping festival.
If something do not stop this despicable man was to kill their prey before devouring. First murdered and then robbed of all and each oftheir belongings. That night, barely illuminated by the starry sky and a few street lamps would not being the exception.
With its bright gun in his right hand, he waited patiently for the arrival ofhis victim, without knowing the imminent death awaiting him. The seconds ran and his heartbeat was more forcefully, he felt excited every time he committed a crime like this, on his face it could beseen a macabre and sickly smile.
The noise became louder, the victim was closer to his executioner and each step he took was subtracted from his lifetime. The murderer's heart quickened so much, thathe thought he could hear it.
Trip and nonsense words reached their ears; the next name on their list of dead was only few meters to be written.
When that drunken man passed next to him, his heartcould not beat faster, the excitement had no equal, for many months he did not feel any emotion. He quietly walked up behind and raised his right hand, smoothly and decisively, he put the gun to the...