A new beiggining

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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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A New Beginning, a New Life

Have you ever thought of moving to another country? Some people think that it is impossible to get used to another culture. Others think that this I the bestway to start a new life. The Clavy family is one of many families who have taken the plunge to live in another part of the world. Moving to Canada has brought both advantages and disadvantages to theirlives.
One good point is that they live in a big new house. It is surrounded by fir trees, on four acres of land, just three hour’s drive from the Rocky Mountains. They still can’t believethat they are living in this wonderful place. Another point is that they have become closer as a family. Since they have lived in this place, they have spent more time together doing sports, visitingtheir friends’ house, having barbecues and sightseeing. The third point in favour is that business is more relaxed. Andy does not have to wear a suit and a tie, and nobody calls anybody Mr. They onlywear jeans and T-shirts. The last positive change is that Andy only works eight hours a day. Hence, he and his wife have much more time for each other.
On the other hand, living in a foreigncountry has caused them a few difficulties. First, moving to Canada was very expensive. They had to wait eighteen months for their application, which cost $20,000. Besides, it cost them $1,000 to fly thedogs there. Another negative point was their difficulty to get used to different customs. It was hard for them to get accustomed to the way their neighbors came into their house, used the telephone andtook drinks from the fridge without permission. Finally, the family had financial worries because it took Andy a few months to find a decent job.
Considering all the experiences that they havegone through, we can draw the conclusion that living in a foreign country can cause different feelings that we have to face if we want to achieve the best for us and for our family. We have to take...
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