A person who have changed my life

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  • Publicado : 24 de julio de 2010
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Reading and Writing I

Generosity: a Gift of God
It is not just a person but a big group of nuns who have been leaving their marks since August 15,1939, when they were recognized as a Congregation. ”Compania del Salvador” is a private company categorized under Catholic elementary and secondary schoolfounded by Maria Felix Torres. They have schools in Madrid, Lerida, Maracaibo, Caracas, Puerto Rico, Barcelona and Bridgeport, which are well known fortheir teaching quality. Moreover, it is important to point out that they have been very generous with me, my family and the people from all over the world.As my sisters and I were getting good grades, they studied our case and decided that we deserved to have a scholarship to finish secondary school withthem. That is how I finished my studies there. Besides, all the schools prepare a big party every year, in which we sell food and organize games andactivities to everybody. The money collected from this party is given to the missionary people from the annual global campaign of DOMUND, which is in charge ofhelping the needy families and children. It is absolutely a beautiful charity work. In addition to this, four years ago, the nuns of my school gave myfamily a donation to help us to pay a very expensive surgery that my older sister needed urgently. In other words, we owe them mostly that my sister is stillalive. It is a gift of God to be generous with the people who need us in so many ways. Each one of us can leave marks, as the “Compania del Salvador” did.
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