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  • Publicado : 19 de mayo de 2011
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The drive was long, and every minute seemed eternity in my eyes. Afraid of a new beginning with nothing but a couple of good friends to loose and everything including a better future to gain I left the land were I was born and grown. Wishing only for the best.
I arrived to California one of the most beautiful states of America; with no knowledge of the culture, language or traditions, me andmy family decided to stay in the city of Inglewood. To be a learning experience this city taught me the hard way how to survive in America. Everything changed then.
Dedication, motivation and drive are important factors that today make me apply to the Academy. I want to be better, I have what it takes.
I am from Mexico, specifically from a little ranch in the state of Jalisco, three hoursaway from the city of Guadalajara. I was born and raised in a small village until the age of 14. On this place we had no cars, no phone, no potable water. Hardship circumstances were I had to carry water from the closest river in my horse to my house. My family owned two cows, a few chicken and a piece of land. My Middle school consisted of three rooms and three teachers one of them being theprincipal for 79 students total. Old used books in a small library in the corner of one of this three rooms. Education was not the best. I knew about the world nothing but what my little black and white television would play in the news every now and then. I would watch cartoons all the time and get over excited when the news would play. During commercials Mc Donalds, big cars, richcelebrities seemed all like fantasy in my eyes. I always wondered if it was real. And if it was I wanted to be there, I wanted to be important, make a difference show everyone else around that there was more than just our little village.
My parents did not understood my desire to learn all about the world. When I would come up to my dad and ask him questions about the news, his answer would alwaysbe: “I don’t know, go help your mom”. I am guessing they finally understood my drive and curiosity. With a little push from my mom, my dad decided to adventure himself to the United States. I know he had just enough money to make it here. Once here I heard from my family that he was working everyday all day long to have money to bring us here. Finally two years after he left home, during Christmastime we got the news: America opened its doors for us. America was giving me the opportunity to live the dream I had so much wished for.
We had no good clothes, no shoes, nothing to pack. My mom bought me a descent pair of sandals a pair of jeans and a pretty shirt to come to the interview to El Paso, Texas. In January 2001 just after New Years day I was on my way to the place I had onlywatched on Television. I was scared and excited, more scared than anything else. My eyes were watery during the whole drive I did not know if it was sadness, happiness or I wanted to cry because I was scared; when we finaly arrived to the city and airport I was greatly amazed. The big buildings, the hundreds of cars, the stop lights and McDonalds, They all were real, In front of my eyes.People from everywhere and anywhere, dressed completely different, with different color hair. Crossing the border had not much meaning at the time. After I passed Guadalajara city and El Paso, Texas every other city seemed the same to me. With something new all the time, like the language of the posters when we crossed to the United States. When I received my Naturalization Certificate Ihad no idea how lucky I was to be adopted by the best nation of the world the United States of America as one of its citizens. My pride for this nation, not so long after this day would incline me to serve for the nation in the United States NAVY. Once settled in the city of Inglewood in California, with no hesitation and excited to learn and better my life I asked my parents to find me a...
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