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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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So let me introduce myself, my name is JR, I’m a French photographer who has a wish, and my wish is translated in my project, the Inside Out project. So to start, let me ask you:
So, how can we,children of the future, going to save the world? Maybe you are thinking, “we can’t save the world, nobody can” or “the world is just way too screwed up” I mean, we have dictators ruining the world,population is growing by millions, and we are all becoming fat. So, why do you think I’m standing here? To save the world? No, we can´t save the world, I’m standing here today, right in front of you,because I have a wish, and my wish, is not to save the world, but to change the world.
So, how I’m going to change the world ? Politics? Economy? Yes they can change the world, not always in a goodway. How about art, could art change the world? Maybe it could, but I had to start somewhere. Around 2003, I was hearing the news about the medalist conflict. At that time, all you could hear about wasthe Israeli–Palestinian conflict. So I decided to go there, and see who the Israelis and Palestinians were, where they so different? So I grabbed my 28mm lens and went to the streets, started to talkto people, and decided to take portrait pictures. And with that lens, you have to be as close as 10 inches from the person to take the portrait, and you could only do that with their trust. Then Ipaste them, huge posters everywhere, of Palestinians and Israelis, doing their jobs, (Taxi Drivers, Lawyers), asked to make a facial expression as a sign of commitment, they all accepted to be pastednext to their “enemy”. And I held a big art exhibition, which was called “Face to Face”. So when I was pasting the posters on the streets, people started asking, what was I doing? And I said “pastingportraits of a Palestinian and a Israeli taxi driver” “could you difference who is who?” and most of them, couldn’t tell the difference between both. “Face to Face” demonstrated what we thought...
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