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16.11.2009 2do Cs. A

Oriana Medina, Andreina Colmenares y Natalia Quiroga.

Food Diaolgue:

O: Oriana A: Andreina N: NataliaAndre and Ori are at Ori’s house.

A: Naty! Are you going to pick us up?

N: Sure! Wait for me outsider the house.

O: Come Fast! I’m really hungry!

[ Naty gets to the house ]

N: Heygirls! Where are we going to eat?

O: I dont know..

A: Mac Donald’s maybe..?

[ Mac Donald’s ]

Attendant: Good afternoon, how may i help you?

A: I’d like a ceaser salad and a medium sizenestea please.

N: I want a big size Big Mac with a coke, please.

O: i want a Big Mac too! But medium size please! And with a coke too.

Attendant: do you want anything else?

N: No, thank you.Attendant: here’s your order. Have a nice meal.

O: so.. now to The Lord of the Rings marathon?

[ 8 hours later..]

N: So.. im hungry..:)

A: Oh! Lets have dinner! Italian food?

O: I knowthis really cute place, called Paneroli’s.


Waiter: Good evening! Welcome to Paneroli’s! Here is your table and here are your menus.

N: i want the Florence pasta and a glass ofMalvec Wine.

A: I’d like the mushrooms and zafram risoteo with sparking water.

O: The bolognese pasta for me, please and a limonade.

Waiter: Sure (time..) Here’s your order. Enjoy!


A: So.. party now?

N: Of course! No, 360o is better!

[360o Night Club]

O: Look! They have sushi here!

N: Great! Lets have some.

Attendant: Good evening! What may i offer to youtonight?

A: I want the Ebi Crunch rolls and a wakame salad with a lemonade.

N: I’d like the tropical rolls. And a glass of Malvec wine.

O: i want the Banana roll, with a coke.

Attendant:i’ll be right back with your order…….. here it is!

N: Thank you!

A: Could you bring me a sparkling water, please?

O: we should get going girls..


A: Could we stop here? Please!?...
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