A rose for emily

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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2012
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As soon as I saw the title of the story, “A Rose for Emily” I thought that it was going to be a romantic story. But, when I read it I realized that it was just a symbolic title thatinvolves the life Emily. The story is not called “A rose for Miss Emily” because in my opinion Emily is the one who represents the rose. A rose is symbolic and in this short story Ibelieve that the rose is a symbol of romance and death. She became a symbol of her town because in my opinion every that she did turned out to become an enigma and a symbol an era thatpeople in her town always will remember. When she died she was called “a fallen monument” because the perception that everybody had of her changed with time. The most important moment ofEmily’s life in this story was marked by the death of her father. Also, another important moment involved the romantic story with Homer Barron. Emily was an aristocrat lady, whom hisfather never let her have a boyfriend. They believed no body was good enough for her. She was a lady that was under the direction of her father and she believed that all that he saidwas right. When he died everything changed for her. I believe that Emily Grierson became a lady without common sense when her father died. For example, at the time when people in hertown visited her to help her after her father’s death, she denied that her father passed away. I think that at that moment she became a proud and reserved lady that did not want to dealwith the people of the town. Emily Grierson became mentally unstable again in the story when she fell in love but could get married, so, she decided to kill her lover and kept him athome with her. I also believe that the hair in the pillow next to the skeleton is there because she used to lie next to him to feel close to Homer and pretend that he was there “Alive”.
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