A streetcar named desire

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Literature Essay: A streetcar named Desire.

Stanley : ¨Kowaskis and the Dubois have different notions¨. Stella (angrily) ¨Indeed the have, thanks heaven!. I am going outside¨. Analyse the wayWilliams focuses on classconflict.

´A streetcar named desire´ By Tennessee Williams , this novel takes place between May and September in a shabby apartment building in the working-class district ofNew Orleans in the 1940s, shortly after the Second World War. This novel, however put across a very important factor for that period of time, the conflict between clases represented by Williams throutdifferent situations, themes and characters.
As mentioned before the class diference is evidently represented in several situations throut the novel. Since the very first moment we are introducedto Blanche, Stellas sister who has come from Misisipi and seems to be a very histeric,neurotic, judgemental,and self centered and that through her conventions of laguage and action make this issuereally conspicious, a clear example is towards the opening of the story, she appears at Stellas building and faces Eunice, who is Stellas neighbour and landlady. Blanche does not seem to accept Eunice dueto this judgemental attitude, towards pooerer people than her represented thorugh the conventions of action and language mostly of this peculiar charcter, who answers back at Eunices attitude ofkindness, consideration and eduaction, since Blnche appears to be new at the neighbourhood with a very rude, discorteous and graceless attitude, and even ingnores her and tells Eunice to leave her alone.Moreover at the same time the ocnvetions of character make this difference of class even more evident, she comes into the building with a snobbish attitude, thinking sh is better tha veerybody else,with and extreme air fo superiority and looking down at this place where her sister lived. Dressed in a fine white suit appropriate for an upper-crust social event, Blanche moves tentatively, looking...
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