A teacher

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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2011
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Sometimes we think that a teacher always is relate only with books and students, but most of the times we forget that we are humans been. We must think about us as aperson who has feelings. Many times our feelings are like a cloud raining because we also have a lot of kind of problems and we can feel sad, nervous or maybe worry aboutsomething. Most of the times we try to pretend that we are fine, and it does not matter, because we have to give our lecture and we have to focus only in our knowledge like a book and doit well.
We are different and special persons than other who studied another carrier like an engineer, because even they have a responsibility, they do not work with persons likestudents. And also if we compare a teacher and a doctor we will find some similar things such as; both them solve problems from any person even if they do not know, theysometimes save lives but only the teacher can change the way of thinking from an adolescent with his words and education performance .
Teacher Is like a light in the middle of darkness,if he do the things that a teacher must do. Sometimes the teacher has to keep save to the students and he has to be like a wheel door, because student is like a flower who has tobe irrigate and the teacher has to take care of her.
We as a teacher have different responsibilities such as a person, boy friend or husband, father and some others, therefore wealways are rushing and the time is not enough for us to do everything well but we always give our best for example if we lost the bus we have to arrive early to each place.
Tobe a teacher is like a goals that we have. That is why I am a teacher. puzzle, but we have a wonderful participation in the world, so we have to do the best in order to get all the
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