A trip to ireland

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A trip to Ireland!
1. General information about Ireland
         What are the official languages of Ireland?
English and Gaelic( or Irish)
         How many people live on the island?
About 3689 000
         What are the colours of the Irish flag and what do they represent?
Orange, that represents The British supporters of William of Orange who settled in Northern Ireland in the 17thcentury (most of whom are Protestant); White tha represents the peace between two groups of people ( Protestant and Catholic); and Green, that represents the native people of Ireland (most of whom areRoman Catholic).
         The island is divided into two different states, can you name and show them on a map?
Ireland Republic and Northern Ireland

         What is the capital of theRepublic of Ireland?
The capital is Dublin
         What currency do they use in Ireland?
They use the Euro, like in Spain
         How do I make a phone call to Ireland from Spain?
You have to writebefore the telephone number 00 353
2. Ireland National Day
         What is Ireland’s National Day? When is it?
Saint Patrick’s Day, the 17th March
         What is a Shamrock?
Is athree-leaved plant similar to clover
         How do Irish celebrate their National Day?
Parades in larges cities, they wear green clothes, and drink Guinness
         What is a “Leprechaun”?
One of a raceof elves in Irish folklore, who can reveal hidden treasures to those who catch them
3. Food and Drink:
         Colcannon and Irish Stew are considered the country’s national dishes. Can you namethe main ingredients?
Colcannon: Potatoes, kate, cabbage and seasoning
Irish Stew: Lamb, mutton, vegetables
         What is the most famous Irish beer? What kind of beer is it?
Guinness. It’s aBlack Beer, but really is dark, very dark red.
4. About Dublin:
What’s …? | Museums & galleries | Historic Sites | Shopping Centres | Pubs | Other |
Croke Park |   |   |   |   | X |
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