A turning point in his life

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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“A turning point in his life”

Have you ever seen someone with very bad luck? Well, he is my father. In 26 hard years he could not find a job. He spent all day in front of the newspapersearching for something to do. Any type of work would help our family; this is because all our money is from heritance. This means it has an end, and this end I nearer since Johanna, my mother, and Thomas,my father, had their second child. My younger brother. And the only one.
Thomas was getting tired of our economic situation. We couldn’t enjoy any moment because we lived worried thinking that all wewere living, and all our stuff would fade away someday. My father’s last hope was…to win the lottery! Nobody believed in him because he was trying to win it for the last six years and never wonanything, due to his bad luck. I don’t know if this has to do with his bad luck, I only think that dad has to try with another number either than number THIRTEEN!
A very warm and beautiful Saturday isthe beginning of Thomas` story. We were all in front of the television watching how the young man was taking out the numbers of the national lottery. I couldn’t careless about the TV program, but Iwatched anyway because the young boy was very handsome! I was totally sure that my father was not going to win, I’m pretty sure that everyone in the entire world knew that. However, we were all wrong.Unbelievable, but true. Number 13 came out rolling in very slow motion. Nobody in my house react, except my mother who was shouting in a desperate way. Thomas was in shock and I thought they wereplaying a joke on us, and that the real number was 31. Suddenly, the pretty boy shouted: “10 MILLION DOLATS FOR DRANNY’S FAMILY!”
Those are us! The mood in the house was incredible. Except my brother whowas playing with the dog, he didn’t realized how good this was for us. My mother, instead, was moving form one side to another, taking away old clothes from her dress room thinking, meanwhile, how...
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