A very old man with enormous wings

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  • Publicado : 18 de marzo de 2011
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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A very old man with enormous wings

In 1955 the Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote the book called Leaf Storm. In this book is including the short story called: Avery old man with enormous wings. This tale tells the story of a man in a fishing village and is considered an angel, because of their enormous wings. The news of the arrival of this "angel" that hadalmost nothing: “He was dressed like a rag picker. There were only a few faded hairs left on his bald skull and very few teeth in his mouth, and his pitiful condition of a drenched great-grandfather tookaway and sense of grandeur he might have had" and the judgments are expanding rapidly among the neighbors, while the villagers consider him a true angel, the priest of the village is skeptical:" Hereminded them that the devil had the bad habit of making use of carnival tricks to confuse the unwary”.

They decided to take advantage of the new event which brought crowds: “then got the ideaof fencing in the yard and charging five cents admission to see the angel. The curious came from far away”.

He also believed doing miracles and people came from all over to ask him toremedy their wrong. But all that ends when a carnival comes to town wandering with his show of a woman who had turned into a spider for having disobeyed her parents. This show, “full of so much humantruth and with such a fearful lesson was bound to defeat without even trying that of a haughty angel who scarcely deigned to look at mortals ". From this, the angel loses all his reputation, until oneday, without explanation, takes fly and leaves the town.

There are some common social aspects in this story like superficiality, faith, disbelief, ignorance, disobedience and opportunism. I daresay these aspects are the true meaning of the story and symbolize what we face in some societies. Despite the fact that this short story was written in 1955, and the social model at that moment was...
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