A walk to remember

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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2012
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“A walk to remember”

San Luís Potosí, S. L. P., Abril 2011


Landon Carter; he is popular at school, he is cool, he fell in love with Jamie,
Jamie Sullivan; she is 17 years old,she is the daughter of the Baptist minister, she is dying of cancer, she is nice.
Herbert Sullivan; Jamie´s father, The Baptist minister
Worth Carter; Landon’s father and the local congressmanLandon`s mom; she is a good influence for his son.
Eric Hunter: Landon´s best friend, football team.
Miss Garber; The teacher of the drama class
Landon´s grandfather; he made the fortune of his familyby stealing from Beaufort people

Setting Places
Beaufort there is where the story take place
The Cemetery; there is where Landon and Eric went and talk.
Flauvin´s, there is where Jamie andLandon went to dinner
Beaufort high, It is their school

Landon is studying at Beaufort in north Carolina High School, he is seventh teen years old and he is really popular in school he has a lot offriends but he didn´t knew what was about to happen in his life

In the school every year has been presented a play and this year will also be presented.

The play was written by Reverend HegbertSullivan Jaime´s father and The popular play was performed in the school in front of everybody.

Jamie and her father are really close to each other, but Jamie is rejected by all the students therebecause of her religious devotion, by her clothing and hairstyle and because everyone thinks she is different and creepy.

This year Landon is elected student president and he must attend the upcomingHomecoming Dance.

He is worried by the idea of attending without a date, so decides and he invites Jamie.

Some weeks later, Jamie asks Landon to play the part of the father in the Christmasplay; she has already been cast as the angel. And Landon accepts they begin to know each other more and more.

Then Jamie takes Landon to visit the orphanage.

They had a good time together....
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