Broca´s aphasia

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Universidad de Oriente.
Núcleo de Sucre.
Escuela de Humanidades y Educación.
Dpto. de Idiomas Modernos.
Cátedra: Sicolinguistica.

Home Test.

Prof: Abelardo Villarroel.Br: José L. Jiménez.
C.I: 17 911 767.

Cumaná, Febrero del 2012.

1_ Analyze the following statements.
A. Nobody can produce a language without his/her left hemisphere.
I realize that formost people language is represented in the left hemisphere; and knowing that I can no say that “nobody can produce a language without his/her left hemisphere” because it is no totally true. Somestudies have shown that our right hemisphere has certain linguistics capacities that can be activate if our left hemisphere is damaged.
B. Without mind, there would be no brain.
Without brain, therewould be no mind. Our mind is the faculty of our brain that permits to assemble information, to reason and make conclusion. It is the responsible of our emotions, memory and some cognitive skills. Themind is the conscious part of the brain.
C. In psycholinguistics environment, the main point is the production of language.
Psycholinguistics is the study of cognitive and mental processesrelated to the comprehension, acquisition and production of a language. For that reason, I disagree with this statement because production is not the most important point in psycholinguisticsenvironment. Before, we produce our first words we need to receive a lot of inputs in order to speak then.
D. People with Broca´s aphasia cannot produce any kind of speech.
This statement is completelyfalse because people with Broca´s aphasia can speak in a shortened and meaningful way but with great effort. People with this incapacity are unable to use grammatical functions, such as the thirdperson in present tense and the auxiliary be. Also, articles, prepositions and others. An interesting detail to those people is that they can often sing very well.
E. Stuttering is produced by...
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