C-tpat 2010 seminar container inspections

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Container Inspection Procedures

Truck and Trailer Inspection Workshop
7-17-point Inspection process Border Concealment & Recent Trends Tractor/Trailer Compartment Awareness Using Recent & PastSeizures:
Tractors Trailers Tankers Flatbeds, Steak beds, Bobtails, & Live Stock Trailers Within Commodity Driver Compartment Searching and Terrorism

Conduct a Systematic Inspection
Begin and endyour inspection at the same point every time.

7-Point Inspection Be systematic

17-Point Truck & Trailer Inspection
1. Bumper 2. Engine 3. Tires (truck & trailer) 4. Floor (inside truck) 5.Fuel Tanks 6. Cab/ Storage Compartments 7. Air Tanks 8. Drive Shafts 9. Fifth Wheel 10. Outside/ Undercarriage 11. Outside/ Inside Doors 12. Floor (inside trailer) 13. Side Walls 14. Front Wall 15.Ceiling/ Roof 16. Refrigeration Unit 17. Exhaust

Smuggling Trend Changes

Where is it?

Indicators – Tractor/Trailers
Lack of compliance to, conformity with, or familiarization of Customsimportation procedures. Questionable cost effectiveness of operation, trip, or cargo handling.
Newly acquired vehicle or newly formed company. The equipment does not fit the job.

Reefer Trailer Floors Reefer Trailer Walls
Non-factory Compartments Trailer Roof

Evidence is Always Present
SIGN CUTTING - is the perception andinterpretation of detail. (Visual indications that an area has been disturbed or altered).

Image fills this entire area (OR originates at the upper left corner of the area outlined and is sized to the fullwidth or height of this bounding box.)

Repetition allows recognition of normal factory construction, normal oxidation, and dirt accumulation from road use.

Inspection Points
Scratches Burn/WeldMarks Tampered Bolts/Rivets Fresh Grease Fresh Paint Silicone Fiberglass/Bondo Patchwork Odor Masking Substances After Market Modification

New Screws & Bolts

New Bolts, Weld Marks, Etc....
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