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Assignment for BA3- 2010

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The internet has markedly changed the way we do business, finding new streams, acquiring new customers, or reducing costs. E-commerce is mainstream business to sell products and services to consumers on a global basis. As such, e-commerce is theplatform upon which new methods to sell and to distribute innovative products and services electronically are tested.
The business world knows that the web is one of the best ways for business such as manufacturers to sell their products directly to the public and help to expand their stores into unlimited geographical locations.
Some successful companies worldwide have adopted e-commerce as anessential part of the business. This report explain the importance of e-commerce in two different types of industries, computer industry and footwear industry, describing the following companies, Sony, Dell and Samsung as well as, Novotel and Hilton Hotels in the hotel industry

In the early days, computing was primarily hardware and software was free, or was included in theprice of hardware. With the evolution of technology, hardware costs have declined steadily, while the cost of software has become the most important part of spending on information technology. A widespread belief in people is that the hardware is more important than the software.
* Sony
Sony Corporation was founded on May 7, 1946, under the name Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (TokyoTelecommunications Engineering Corporation). Its founders, engineers Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, had the mission to create innovative products that help fulfill the dreams of his clients --- and it was. In 1958 Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo was established in Japan as a leading manufacturer of tape recorders, one of its first products. That same year, the founders changed the company name to Sony Corporation- a name easier to pronounce than help the company in its global expansion.
* Dell
Is one of the two largest computer hardware manufacturers worldwide. It was founded by Michael Dell in 1983. In the same year Michael Dell, was a young student at the University of Texas at Austin, who spent his free time formatting hard drives for up-grade IBM-compatible PCs. It is an American multinationalcompany established in Round Rock (Texas) that develops, manufactures, sells and supports personal computers, servers, network switches, software and peripherals and other technology-related products. In 2008 it had 95,000 employees worldwide. The corporation grew during the 80s and 90s to become for several years in the PC and server vendor world's largest. In 2008 came second, afterHewlett-Packard Company.
* Samsung
Samsung society ("three stars") is one of the strongest and most recognized companies in South Korea at world and a world leader in various branches of the electronics industry. It began as a company exclusively in exports in 1938. Despite being best known as an electronics company, Samsung is also involved in heavy industry, automotive, financial services, chemicals,retail and entertainment
Hotel industry is one of the most recent service activities in our area as an industry and so far the majority of our population know their structure and the shape bases. Belonging as an
Industry to the area of services, presents a wide range of small subdivisions or entities that one way or another they are fulfilling the basic characteristic and fitsthe context: Provision of a Service. Hotel Industry is becoming very important and existed prestigious chains are developing better services in which e-commerce is included as an important strategy business. Therefore, in this case 2 important companies such as Hilton hotel and Novotel Hotel will be analysed.
* Hilton Hotel, Hotels Hilton International Hotel Company founded by Conrad Hilton...
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