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Information Literacy
Professor Yaremchuk
19 February 2010
Unit 1 Individual Proyect Topic: Graphic Design


1. Electronic Book
Title: What is graphic design for?Source: Alice Twemlow. What is graphic design for? ; 2006, p6-9, 4p, 4 color
This unrivalled handbook is a guide to the world of graphic design, examining what successful design is, how itworks, and how graphic design communicates a message to its intended audience.
A chapter in the book "What is Graphic Design For?" is presented. It examines the purpose and uses of graphic design.Graphic design is defined as a type of language that is used for communicating. It suggests that graphic design may be used to critique behaviors such as selling things and ideas to make money, or tofurther political ideas. The various aspects of social life within which graphic design is enmeshed are explored.

2. Academic Article
Title: Using Gestalt theory to teach document design and graphics.Source: Patrick Moore, Chad Fitz. Technical Communication Quarterly; Fall93, Vol. 2 Issue 4, p389, 22p, 11 charts, 18 bw
Presents an overview of Gestalt Theory. Figure-ground segregation;Symmetry (equilibrium); Closure; Proximity; Good continuation; Similarity; Applications of the principles of Gestalt in teaching document design and graphics.
3. Popular Periodical
Title: When graphicart becomes high art
Source: Cate McQuaid. Boston Globe. Boston, Mass.: Sep 24, 2008. pg. E.6
Because it is done on commission, to meet a specific need, rather than born out of an artist'simagination for no reason other than that the artist is free to imagine, graphic art is viewed as second-rate.

Types of information provided by my sources

* Electronic Book:

Factual andAnalytical Information
Include definitions, concepts of topics and some history of Graphic Design. Also the interpretation of the Author.

"The very idea of design having a purpose |
or being...
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