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Who is this report for and who is doing it:
This report is an e-Reputation audit of the marketing research company "Just Ask a Woman" by Hoi Moon Marketing. “Just Ask a Woman” is interested in areview of their current online visibility, including one of their principal brand representatives. What brand is being audited?
What is their product/service/celebrity? The brand “Just Ask a Woman”provides marketing information about women based on extensive interviews of women. The principals have written books on the topic and are public speakers.
Who is their audience?
Where is this audienceonline?
The audience is companies, organizations and institutions who need information about women consumers. This audience may be searching on Google, LinkedIn or for online access to marketingresearch, demographic information and consumer statistics.
What key findings are included in the report?
1. Story: Is the mission of the brand or the bio of the representative stated?

2.Clarity: Is the brand recognizable when encountered on the web? Logo, colors, style.

3. Coverage: The brand has profiles on what networks?

4. Constancy: Is the brand expressing itself onlineregularly? Is the brand being talked about? Is there positive or negative appreciation expressed about the brand?

The research draws attention to the following aspects of a brand's e-Reputation:
1.Story: "Just Ask a Woman" is referred to online by other sources as expert in women's marketing. The brand describes itself as knowing women best and thus being able to assist businesses in reachingthe female audience. The principal who was audited is a recognized author and speaker about marketing to women.
2. Clarity: "Just Ask a Woman" has a logo but it varies on different profiles. There iscurrently a transition from an old blog to a new blog. The brand story told on the website "About" page is also used on the Facebook page info. The principal has a unique name and a well-established...
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