Ecuador`s flag

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The Ecuadorian flag has three horizontal stripes which from the bottom up are red, blue, yellow and the coat of arms in the center. The yellow stripe is twice as wide as the red and blue ones. Thesymbolism of the colors is as follows:
 Red stands for the blood shed by the soldiers and martyrs of the independence battles. Blue represents the color of the sea and sky. Yellow symbolizes theabundance and fertility of the crops and land.
History of the Ecuador Flag
We can identify eight periods in the history of Ecuador's flag.
* The 1810 leaders raised a red flag with white mastagainst the Spanish authorities. It fell in bloody Samano's hands in 1812. * A flag with five horizontal stripes BWBWB and three stars in the middle stripe to symbolize Guayaquil, Portoviejo and Machala,was raised by the patriots in the 9th October 1820 Liberation. * The previous flag changed by decree the 2nd June 1822: "The flag of the free province of Guayaquil shall be white and its firstquarter blue with a centered star [no colour indicated for the star]".
  * The Colombian tricolour, which presided the heroic deed of Pichincha and later on flied over the Tejar tower, and the 25thMay was officially hoisted on the Panecillo fort, served as well as a sign of annexation of Guayaquil to Colombia and became definitive. |
* When Ecuador comes apart from Greater Colombia in 1830it keeps the previous flag. During the 1845 Marxist Revolution the blue/white flag returns, now as a vertical tricolour WBW, the blue stripe with stars.
* The Cuenca Convention ratified by decreethe 6th November 1845 the blue colour of Ecuador's skies, changing the three stars into seven, "as symbols of the seven provinces which make up the Republic".
* The Marcist flag lasted from 1845to 1860. After Garcia Moreno's victory over the  forces of Castilla [a person, not Castile] and Franco [nothing to do with the Spanish dictator] and the shameful Treaty of Mapasingue, he orders...
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