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Performance appraisal in the food and beverage department
In any kind of business, human resources are the most powerful sources. How to attract outstanding personnel, how to make full use of employees abilities and potentials in order to help achieve the organizational objectives are the questions that every manager should take into consideration.
Managers are responsible for the performanceof their teams as a whole. Performance in accomplishing goals would mean to look at the completion or achievement of the goals set for a team of employees which is being assigned to or working under a particular manager. The best measuring criteria for a manager are hi goals, his plans of course of action to achieve them and the extent of achievement of the goals.
Since performance appraisalsare based on performance, managers should begin the performance management process by defining what performance means. Managers can accomplish this task by first helping employees develop concrete performance goals. Goal setting helps to establish direction for employees, and gives them a sense of what their performance will be evaluated on.
From setting goals, managers and employees candetermine outcomes that will be measured during the performance appraisal. Measuring outcomes is a process that enables managers to evaluate how much an employee has accomplished, produced, achieved and performed during the year. Being able to measure goals is beneficial to the manager because standards and expectations can be established to help enhance the employee's level of performance. It is alsobeneficial to employees because they will know what is expected of them.
Managers who abide by this philosophy can help employees reach a higher level of performance, because this step implies that the manager is fostering a work environment that helps employees to succeed in their professional goals. As part of a performance management plan managers assess the working environment and materialsthat employees have available to them, to ensure that there are no obstacles that will prevent employees from succeeding.
In order for managers to encourage the performance of their employees, it is important for them to consider rewards, such as promotions, educational opportunities, training opportunities and flexibility to show employees that they are valued within the organization. Managersare encouraged to promote staff when appropriate, and to help employees advance and grow professionally. Part of encouraging performance requires managers to focus on providing employees with feedback. Feedback enables employees to understand their level of performance from the perspective of management.
There are different types of performance appraisal models, but perhaps the most effective oneis the results-oriented system. The results-oriented appraisal system emphasizes results by using a management by objectives strategy for appraisal.

There are a few proposals for establishing an effective system into the organization. They deal with both system design and implementation:
*  The Appraisal System Should Be Tailored to the Specific Needs of the department.  It may be temptingto adopt, without modification, a system which has been used successfully by another organization. The trouble and expense of developing a new system from scratch would be eliminated on that way. The organizations may have different cultures, operate in different environments, use different technologies, or differ in other crucial aspects.
Performance appraisal is linked to strategy by settingdown at the beginning of an evaluation period, and the goals set by the company should be met within this period.
*  Rating Factors Should Be as Objective and Concrete as Possible, performance appraisal cannot be truly or completely objective or cannot simply be a mechanical process that calls for the application of a mathematical formula. But managers should seek to maximize the degree of...
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