I admire walt disney

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I admire Walt Disney because its history is not the usual story of the filmmakers who are always.
His story is full of effort (esfuerzo) and struggle (lucha) because his youth was not easy.
WalterElias "Walt" Disney was born December 5, 1901 and had the typical childhood of the son of a farmer.
In 1909, Elias Disney was infected with typhoid fever and had to sell the farm.
In 1910 thefamily moved to Kansas City. For the young Disney was hard to leave their rural paradise
Elias went to work delivering newspapers in Kansas. Walt and his brother Roy accounted helping his father in thedelivery, a strong work which required getting up every day at twelve o'clock at night
Walt went to the Kansas public school but was not a good student because of his work delivering newspapers, he hadtrouble concentrating and often fall asleep. Daydreamed (soñaba despierto) and spent time drawing.
His father changed jobs to a company in Chicago, whole family moved there.
At 15, Walt got asummer job selling newspapers and sweets to the passengers of the Santa Fe Railroad
Walt was more interested in the train that the work itself, which was not too successful, as he often stole the thingson sale.
Walt did cartoons of your school newspaper with issues of politics focused on the First World War.
His youth was not easy, tried to enter the marina which was not admitted but he wasadmitted to the Cruz Roja (“Red Cross”)
In 1919 he asked to be relieved of their military obligations and was sent back to the United States.
Back in Kansas, got a job where he made ads for newspapers andtrade. He coincided with another artist, Ubbe Iwwerks, with whom he befriended, and they decided to start his own business. This business after much effort, failed
He was again hired by an animationcompany where he worked for some years. He spend time studying in the library and read a lot about anatomy and mechanics.
After some years, in 1922, founded the company Laugh-O-Gram Films, Inc.,...
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