I am sam

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1. How does Rita change during this movie?
On the movie “I am Sam” Rita is a dynamic character because you can find how she changes during the movie. Rita is Sam’s lawyer (the principal character) who was helping him with the case if Sam can really take care of his daughter even though he is mentally challenged. At the start of the movie Rita was a woman that appeared to have a very cold heart,without feelings and very little sympathy for Sam. I think the reason of that is because she was sometimes very busy and therefore also stressed. She has a son and you can see how she loves him very much but she didn’t know how to express her feelings to him.
You can see how Rita changed during the movie thanks to Sam because although Sam is mentally challenged, you can see he is a lovely andaffectionate person that always cares for everyone. I think Sam was a great example to Rita of how she can express her feelings to her son and the other people around her and that’s why you can see in the movie how she starts to become a more caring and loving person with everyone like her son and Sam. In a way you can see how Sam also helped Rita to see how her marriage was not really working andthat’s why she got divorced. Rita changed a lot for good on this movie as she becomes more aware of her feelings and what is important to her in life. She is a good example of how people can change and become better persons when they stop living according the everyday routine and reflect on their lives.
2. How does Sam change during this movie?
Sam is the principal character of the movie “Iam Sam” and he is a dynamic character because you can see how he changes during the movie. Sam is a man that is mentally challenged that has a daughter (Lucy). When Lucy is 7-years-old the people said that he cannot take care of her due to his disability and they take the case to court. Sam is a very lovely man that always tries to give the best for her daughter.
I think Sam started tounderstand how every person has problems. On one part when in the court they were interrogating him and they asked many questions that he didn’t know how to respond, he said that he had really thought sometimes that his daughter deserves more than he could give her. For example, when he visited his daughter with the family that would take care of Lucy unless Sam wins the case, he saw how wonderful thehouse was and the paintings that Lucy and the woman of that family were doing, he started to think that Lucy didn’t need him anymore and that maybe she would be better off with this family. But one day that he was on his apartment talking with his lawyer Rita, Sam told her that Lucy doesn’t need him anymore because she was now with perfect people that don’t have feelings like her. Then, Rita tellshim all the bad things and problems that people like her can have and she started to cry. Sam realized that every person has problems and the only thing that Lucy really needs is love and that he can give it to her better than anyone. From there he started to be more responsible, he started working at two jobs and in that way he bought a new apartment where Lucy could live more comfortable. Thanksto how Sam changed he showed the people that he can take care of Lucy because every person has problems and the only thing that Lucy really needs from him is love and therefore he won the case.
3. Should a person with a disability like Sam’s be allowed to look after a child?
It’s very difficult to say, I think it depends of many things. I think it depends a lot about who is the child and thisis more luck than anything. I think Sam could do it because Lucy was a very smart girl that looks at everything around her so it didn’t matter a lot if Sam sometimes didn’t know what to answer to some questions that she asked or things like that. It would be so much more difficult to Sam if the child that he needed to take care off was a very problematic child because he would not have the...
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