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I believe that Meryl Streep is not only the best screen actress in the world, but also a great human being. I say this being an objective person, not just a fanwho dies to meet her.
But this acknowledgement comes from one day; I was twelve years old and I was all alone in my house. I remember that I spent all day in front of the TV, but then I gottired and when I was about to turn it off, they were announcing a full of movies with this so talented and awarded actress that made sit down again and fill me with a lot of expectations.
Thefirst movie that it was to come in was "Sophie's Choice". For me, this was so new because I have never heard of Meryl Streep or any of her films; furthermore, I was only eleven years old and Iwas starting to pay attention to these things. Besides the fact that this movie scarred me for life because of all the horror of the Holocaust, I got amazed by her finest acting performance. Infact, I was in awe of how she handled the entire movie and all the feelings involved.
In addition, other extraordinary films came, and I could not be more interested in everything she said,felt, thought as character of each one of her films. And finally, "The Bridges of Madison County" stole my heart for complete. She was just brilliant in it and it became my favorite film ever,but I have to be honest and say that with Meryl that changes from time to time because there are so many brilliant roles to look back on that it is overwhelming to watch, although I have seenit a million times now.
In brief, I don't know why but Meryl leaves in my heart a lot of feelings I cannot describe. From the first time I saw her I have been charmed and I cannot imaginelife without these little details about her. During the years Meryl has shown what the professionalism, beauty of film, art and humanity can lead us to glorify and follow an example of life.
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