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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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I Believe in Today.
I believe in today, I believe this is my moment, my opportunity to reach the happiness I’m searching I will do today what tomorrow maybe I cant. I believe in the moment I’mliving and enjoy all I have today with me, I believe in this stuck traffic, in this incomplete homework and in this friend sitting next to me. I feel thankful and happy with today, today I have a goodday.

I like to dream and plan but I prefer to live and feel, feel the hurt in the stomach of a laugh and the air in my face. I believe today, I will find real joy. I will stop this fake smile andfake succeeds, just living of ideas and silly things. Today I don’t care about people in my past, today I have to say goodbye to this person. Nobody ever died from missing somebody; it’s just thisemotional memory of yesterday, the shock of breaking down this way of leaving in my past. But today is a new day and I will let it go.

Today I cant be scared I have to succeed I have to move on withyesterday and don’t dream about tomorrow, I will only enjoy every minute of today. Every new class, every new story tell and every color of the sky. Today I will fight to win, I don’t know if tomorrow Iwill stand for this or if I will regret about it, but I don’t care, because today I want to fight like its the end of the battle. Today I break free of this paradigms and thoughts. I will only be whatI think, without limits or excuses. Today I will prefer to fall and live my own mistaken destiny than live the perfection of others. I will take all opportunities or risks that yesterday I passed andlost.

I believed regret is a wasted emotion, learn and let it go, move on. Make of today a useful day; don’t let it finish without being happy, without reaching your dreams or without learningsomething. See each day like a new opportunity for it. Today I stop this tendency of falling apart and I took every opportunity that make’s me better. Today I enjoy the pleasure of being alive. Today...
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