I fell in love or my hormones awaken

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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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I fell in love, or my hormones awaken
By: Judith Ortiz Cofer
Anotations and main ideas:
¶1- She secretly falls in love with an Italian boy, richer and older then her. She knew very little abouthim, but among the things she knew that he worked near her apartment during the summer and weekends, and that apparently made her nervous, but yet excited.
¶2- She went several times to thestore, and her mom couldn't understand why.
¶3- Apparently she liked from a corner to spy on her beloved, action which she called sweet agony.
¶4- During one of her "sweet agonies" in which shewatched her beloved at the supermarket, she was shocked because he spoke and smiled at her. She thaught she was invisible for him.
¶5- After the day in the supermarket, she felt the need to look for anyexcuse to go to the supermarket to see him, but wating was desperate.
¶6- She suffers a lot thinking he would never notice her, because she was not his type. Apparently she was not considered veryattractive. Her way of saying "skinny Puertorican girl" suggests that where she was, her race wasn't appreciated.
¶7- She found out that no one can be completetly invisible, that everybody has their ownscent.
¶8- A banquet is going to be celebrated at her school and the student are all going to participate in it. Here she introduces the nuns, so we could say that she belongs to a catholic school.She describe the clothes, and other details that make up the banquet.
¶9- She introduces Sophie, a Polish inmigrant student, who is a very beautiful an stuning girl. Here you can see clearly that shedid not get along well with this girl and she also shows the perspective she has of beauty when she says "the main privilege of beauty,is that others do
González- 2
for you almost everything,including thinking."
¶10- She thought that having beauty would open place for her at the banquet and she says this in a way that is understood as if she lacked beauty, once again she considers herself...