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My Future Career
I. What I know
The first time I heard about event planners was when I was about 10 years old (in 4th grade) and I was planning a sleepover as my birthday party. When planning my sleepover my mom once mentioned to me that there were people who organized and help set up events. For that birthday party, I bought a Power Puff Girls notebook and there recorded what I wanted to bepart in my sleepover. This was the first time I experienced planning an event. I remember going with my mom to party stores to buy the invitations, balloons, plates, cake, gifts, etc. At the end, my sleepover was a great success, everyone had fun. From 4th grade on to 6th grade I planned sleepovers for my birthdays since they resulted to be very enjoyable.
An event planner needs skills likeorganization and good communication. Also, they have to very punctual because of time limits the event gives. I already know that an event planner has to know where to find everything for a party like balloons and lights that fit into the budget the client gives to you. Some personality qualities required are patience, persistence and being able to remain calm even when situations get really stressful.An event planner must be able to deal with different types of people like co-workers and the customers. For a big event, an event planner must be capable of handling entertainment, like magazines and newspaper trying to cover a story based on the event.
II. What I want to Find out
There are many things I’m curious about of this career. One of my major wonders is how much money a year does anevent planner earn. I would also like to know if this career involves a lot of working from an office or if it can be done at home. I really want to know what courses I have to take in college in order to be a successful event planner. I also want to know what type of people must I interact. One major concern is how I have to dress for work, when meeting the client and when actually doing theplanning. Finally, I would like to know if I have to attend certain types of events in order for my job to be more successful.
III. The Search
I have found out that “planning conferences and meetings has become a skilled profession these days.” (schoolsintheusa.com) This leads me to believe that indeed, an event planner must be able to be accomplished in many ways and that this job is frequentlyfound in our modern world. One of the major roles of an event planner is to “coordinate and run conventions and meetings and make sure they function smoothly without any glitches.” (schoolsintheusa.com) Event planners are the ones whose role is important to the outcome of a specific event.
i. Interview
What I decided to do for my interview is surf the internet in search of an event planner thatmight be able to help me answer some of my doubts and uncertainties about this career. I searched the internet and found a woman named Mary Poston from Erie, Pennsylvania.
Eun Jung: How much money does an event planner earn each year?
Mary: Event planning is a fast-paced, amazingly varied career that can bring in $25,000 to $75,000 annually.
EJ: Does an event planner have to work in an office, athome or both?
M: Well, I do have an office which I must say is required since you might want to have a stable place where people can contact you. Anyway, I do work at home, what I do there is contact suppliers to the event by phone or e-mail.
EJ: What courses or training programs must I take in order to become an event planner?
M: Meeting Planning Basics, Event Promotion and Marketing, EventDesign and Production, Catering Management, and Weddings and Social Events.
EJ: How can I learn about this industry?
M: The single best way to learn about the industry is to get hands-on experience; and you can do this by volunteering.
EJ: About how much interaction must there be with people?
M: You must understand that this career involves a lot of communication between you your client or...