Morse´s byography in english

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From start people have invented things to make life easier and improve the human condition, thus the great inventors of history have provided options for mankind to improve as a species. One suchgreat example is the invention of the electric telegraph, which allowed communication across vast distances, without requiring that a person must carry the message between the two places. Its inventorwas a thinker who maybe inspired by his love of electricity led him to improve in a machine that would streamline the communication to a new level. That is the interest in writing the biography of thisfamous inventor Samuel Morse.

Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born in Charlestown, Massachusset, on April 27, 1791.He was the first son of Jedidiah Morse (a clergyman) and Elizabeth Ann BreeseMorse. His father always tried that his son got the best in education. So by the age of seven years old he was studied at Phillips Academy and at the age of fourteen years old he enters to Yale Universityin the artistic career. As a student, Morse became interested in both painting and in the developing subject of electricity. After his graduation in 1810, he left with his mentor Washington Allston,a famous painter, on a trip to Europe to study the art of various museums and cities. He would later become a well-known portrait artist.
After moving to New York in 1825, he became a founder andthe first president of the National Academy of Design. He also ran for office, but was defeated in both his campaigns to become New York mayor. Meanwhile, Morse maintained a steady interest ininvention, taking out three patents for pumps in 1817 with his brother Sidney Edwards Morse. It wasn't until 1832 that he first became interested in telegraphy.
That year, Morse was traveling to the UnitedStates from Europe on a ship, when he overheard a conversation about electromagnetism that inspired his idea for an electric telegraph. Though he had little training in electricity, he realized that...
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