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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2011
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© Copyright 2008 Halliburton
AQUA-CLEAR is a registered trademark of Halliburton
N-SEAL is a trademark of Halliburton
Rev. 05/2008 · IDP 061
Because the conditions of use of this productare beyond the seller's control, the product is sold without warranty either express or implied and upon condition that
purchaser make its own test to determine the suitability for purchaser’sapplication. Purchaser assumes all risk of use and handling of this product. This product will be
replaced if defective in manufacture or packaging or if damaged. Except for such replacement, seller isnot liable for any damages caused by this product or its use.
The statements and recommendations made herein are believed to be accurate. No guarantee of their accuracy is made, however.
LostCirculation Material
N-SEAL™ acid soluble lost circulation material is specially formulated extrusion spun mineral fiber. Due to its solubility in weak acids, N-SEAL lost circulation material iseasily removed from production zones.
N-SEAL material can be used as an additive for loss of circulation in concentrations of up to 70 lb/100 gallons (86 kg/m3).
AdvantagesNSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified
Acid soluble
Inorganic and non-fermenting
Typical Properties
Specific gravity
Gray white fiber
Recommended Treatment
N-SEALmaterial can be added directly through the hopper.
For normal treatment to the active system, add 5-20 lb/100 gallons drilling fluid (6-24 kg/m3)
As a pill, add 20-70 lb/100 gallons of drilling fluid(24-86 kg/m3)
N-SEAL material is 95% acid soluble. To dissolve 1 lb of N-SEAL material treat with either
1-2 lb AQUA-CLEAR® MGA acid (1-2 kg/kg)
0.5-1 gal of 10% HCl/5% Acetic acid blend (1-2liters/kg)
N-SEAL lost circulation material is packaged in 30-lb (13.6 kg) multiwall paper bags.
N-SEAL lost circulation material can be purchased through any Baroid Industrial Drilling...
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