O me! o life!

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O ME! O LIFE! By Walt Whitman
This poem is a criticism of the society where we live, but the author includes himself in that society. Hewants to go out and be free because he does not agree with the rest of the people.
The poem has two parts: a question and an answer. Thequestion is the first part; in this the author shows us his point of view about the life. “O me!” he is crying for his unhappiness, since helives in a world with fools who don’t think by themselves. So the author doesn’t want to be like them, but no matter how many times hefights he can’t be free. In this part he criticizes himself too. Although he disagrees with the society, he can’t escape from it so he saysthat he is the most fool and faithless.
The second part is the answer for the sadness of the author. This part says that we are here in theworld, we are alive and we have an unique identity, so everyone is different and independent. We can do what we want with our lives and wewrite our own history.
In my opinion this poem is very interesting for the reason that I can identify myself with these feelings.Sometimes when I am sad or angry with the others, I see them as the author says in the poem so I can understand the author feeling. When I thinkdifferently from others I want them to understand me but they not always will. In those moments I feel that I don’t belong that society.
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