P&g marketing estrategico

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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2011
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Economía de la empresa turística

·How does Mr. Pohle define CSR?

George Pohle defines CSR as the description of the role company plays serving different stakeholders,particularly the role company plays in supporting society. Now a day more than ever companies are trying to do well financially and doing something positive for society.

·He mentions twoconsequences for consumers due to the rise of the internet. What are they?

The rise internet has allowed consumers two things: greater visibility to what companies are doing, whichmeans knowing more about the companies than they did in the past.
And has also allowed the consumer to band together and exhort influences on corporations.

·Two ways thatcompanies are reacting to these consequences. What are they?

Increasing transparency means that they are sharing more information with the consumer and creating more visibility, whichdrives more opportunities to collaborate with the consumer. As so they get feedback and support from the consumers.

·In his experience, companies tend to identify and prioritizestakeholders. He mentions five. Who are they and in which order?

Customers, shareholders, company’s customers, employees, government and NGOs

·He refers several times to customer‘expectation levels’. What does he mean and what is the problem he is referring to?

The main problem is that companies did not understand any of the expectations that their customershad about their CSR activities and only a small percent of the companies have engaged any procedure to engage what the customer was looking for

·He talks about how companies see CSRand their ideas for the future? What opportunities do some companies see regarding CSR?

·In your opinion, are companies learning the right lessons about CSR? Explain your answer.