Participants´ own responsibilites and engagement in their learning

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Week 44

To achieve a learning objective it is important that a learner is responsible and actively engaged in the learningprocess. Teacher’s responsibility is to facilitate the learning process. This can be done through methods, activities that actively involve the learner. For instance, discussing, reading, writing,problem solving etc. Group activities also increase learner’s responsibility and engagement especially if each learner has a clear role in the group composed of responsibilities. Learner´s engagement may beenhanced through sharing and exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas.
Besides methods and activities, teachers should provide individual guidance, assess progress and give feedback regularly.It will help learners to determine to what extent learning objectives are being met as a result of their learning experience.
Thus, to keep actively engaged and responsible learners teachers should besure that they can support them through the learning process; and learners construct their knowledge during activities and these activities should be designed in such a way that learner is activeinvolve.

Think about a course you have taken (5 min)
1. Think about the activities? Did they make you active or passive?
2. Did you have the opportunity to discuss your learning objectives?3. Did you get adequate support or/and additional support?
4. Did you have the chance to get individual guidance sessions to discuss your progress?
5. Din you feel engaged to the learning?Why or why not?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Discussion (20-40 min)
Think about the courses you have worked in. Discuss the following questions to build up a picture of the level of support FBA are able...
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