U.s elections

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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U.S Elections
The 57th quadrennial United States Presidential Elections will be on November 6, which also will look up for the new Vice president.
President Barack Obama from the DemocraticParty is re-electing himself for another 4 years of president, the other candidate is Mitt Romney from the Republican Party.
As the mood of the nation continues to falter because of the economy, lackof solutions from both sides Democratic and Republican parties, the presidential election has taken an important significance.
However Obama have the opportunity to win again this electionsbecause he have a big crowd of followers that support him and people already know the way of government he have, but everything can happen; Romney won’t give up and he have some good proposals about theeconomy and more in the United States. It seems to be a competitive choice between candidates in this 57th quadrennial Presidential Elections.
Romney, financial expertise and an impressiveeconomic improvement in private industry and rising up troubled business, could be an advantage, as the economy continues to be the dominant topic in 2012.
Obama needs to keep up on his own side andhold on enough centrists to make it across the victory line and be re-elected, but Obama’s speech was not the most exciting or convincing points he has ever give; it was not bad but if he want to havea better support from Americans, he would better do an effort to win and to establish more his proposals.
In conclusion Barack Obama from my point of view, he have like an extra point to win theelections because he did a good job during the last 4 years as a president, he have a big group of followers and he can keep going on in a better way on his speech.
In the other way, Romney is notthat far away; possibilities are appearing in a very good position because of his proposals and good speeches he has given, these elections from the United States are definitely hard to win....
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