Y tu mama tambien (ingles)

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Y Tu Mama También
This film is a Mexican movie that includes a narrator starred by Gael Garcia, Diego Luna and Maribel Vardu. The film is about a road trip of two teenage boys with a Spanish woman on her late twenties. The movie begins with Tenoch Iturbide (Diego Luna) and Julio Zapata (Gael Garcia) having sex with their girlfriends, who are taking a trip to Italy for the summer. Julioand Tenoch have been friends since their infancy, sharing a high desire for liberty and sexuality. Since their girlfriends have taken the trip to Italy, both of them now have nothing to do and their summer life appears to be boring when they go to a party and try to have sex with no success. After that, Tenoch’s father who is involved in the Mexican government attends to a family wedding of highsociety in which the President of Mexico is invited. Tenoch and Julio meet Luisa Cortes (Maribel Vardu) at the wedding, a Spanish woman on her late twenties and wife of Tenoch’s cousin Jano, who took his degree in Spain. Both of them, trying to seduce her, invite her to a non real beach, but Luisa do not take the invitation, until the next day in which she receives a call from Jano crying becausehe cheated on her. Luisa takes the invitation trying to get away from her problems, and the boys improvise a trip that at the beginning never existed. They take the road using the car of Julio’s sister, a political science and communist student who is always involved in many organizations against political decisions. The main purpose of the two boys is to seduce Luisa, and everything starts to turndifferent when they take the road, in which they talk about their lives, but mostly Luisa’s life. When the confidence starts to appear, sexuality is the main topic of conversation, in which Luisa is always asking about sexual encounters that the boys had before. As they get closer to the beach, Luisa has sex with each boy and this creates a fight within the boys, in which they confess that theirgirlfriends have cheated with both of them and starts a fight. After Luisa decides to get away from them but the boys convince her but only if she is the one who applies rules now. They get to the beach for coincidence, and everything is as they planned before, so they have a great time when they meet a local fisher family who invites them to stay at their place after their camp was invaded forpigs. At the place, they are talking and reconciled of everything, and as they get drunk Luisa now seduces them and takes them to the room in which makes the boys to have a homosexual situation. After that night, everything changed and they went back home but Luisa decided to stay at the beach. The boys meet at a restaurant after months later of that day, in which Tenoch informs Julio that Luisadied a month later because she had cancer. Tenoch and Julio, with an embarrassing attitude with each other, plan to get together in a few days, but they will never meet again.
The film is not just about sex, it is about a combination of unusual genres and topics, in which history is presented in scenes or dialogues. Sex is only one more character of something bigger associated to matureness,sexual identity and intimacy, and the reality of some aspects of Mexico. There is a narrator in the movie, who often narrates different elements of Mexico, political realities. Luisa makes the boys evolve, grow up and think, in the way that they are taking down the barriers that are related to “Machismo”, in which that tradition is falling down in topics (They think they are the best lovers, they arebest friends but cheat on each other, even they practice a homosexual relation with Luisa). All these changes are made by the female character, because she dedicated her last days trying to change their rules and commandments. Also the road trip is crossed in giving the image of other side of the country (poverty and social reality).
Many Americans have thought about Machismo. The expression...
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