• The secret of agent
    The secret agent Comienza en la casa de Verloc, él y su esposa hablan de las trivialidades de vida diaria, que presenta al lector a la familia Verloc. Poco después, Verloc se va para encontrar a Sr. Vladimir, el 1er Secretario en la embajada de un país extranjero. Aunque un miembro de una cé
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  • Ensayo the secret
    Desarrollo La película es más que nada de estilo documental, recava vivencias de varios empresarios y gente exitosa. Nos habla acerca de una especie de código que nos ayuda a triunfar en la vida. Narra la historia de una mujer que se sentía frustrada por haber perdido a su padre, entonces re
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  • Globalization, european integration and the discursive construction of economic imperatives.
    Globalization, European Integration and the Discursive Construction Of Economic Imperatives. Globalization has changed everything; the sovereignty of states has declined; everyone's ability to resist the rules of the market has disappeared; our possibility of cultural autonomy has been virtually
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  • Traducción the hard side of change
    El lado difícil de la gestión del cambio Las empresas deben poner especial atención tanto a la parte difícil de la gestión del cambio como a los aspectos fáciles. A través de rigurosa concentración en 4 elementos críticos, las empresas pueden manipular las probabilidades a favor del éxit
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  • Hitler gano la guerra
    WALTER GRAZIANO Hitler ganó la Guerra ISBN 987566099X Walter Graziano nació en 1960 en la Argentina. Se graduó de economista en la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Hasta 1988 fue funcionario del Banco Central de su país y recibió becas de estudio del gobierno italiano y del Fondo M
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  • Analisis literario anne frank
    The Diary of Anne Frank Literary Analysis The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most hurtful testimonies of contemporary literature. Written between the years 1942 and 1944, it is the personal diary of a young teenager forced into hiding, it tells of her experiences during the war. Anne and h
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  • The virtues of leadership
    The Virtues of Leadership by Thomas J. Sergiovanni Teachers and students alike seek frameworks and norm systems that help them sort out how they fit into a school’s culture. Cultural frameworks are sources of sense making and meaning that all of us need. Schools teach their culture best when
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  • Formation of the european union: europe for peace and growh
    FORMATION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: EUROPE FOR PEACE AND GROWH Now a days, the European Union Consists of 27 member states that are together in a bid help the development of the integrants and to co-operate between governments and make democratic regulations. Throughout the years the EU has grown
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  • The boy of the bus trabajo de ingles historia
    The boy of the bus I was sat in the school bus, of way to house. Everything was like always, we might say. I was the same, had the same eyes, the same hair; I was dressing the same uniform of every day, and my school portfolio was resting on my knees since like of custom. Everything was equal, less
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  • Ideas of masculinity, hostility and agression in “a view from the bridge”.
    Examine the ideas of Masculinity, Hostility and Agression in “A View from the Bridge”. How are these ideas connected? In Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge, Eddie, the play’s main character, considers someone as masculine only when certain characteristics are part of that someone. Thi
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  • Influence of the beat generation in latinamerica
    The influence of Beat Generation in the Latin American Literature in the 1960’s decade The Beat Generation was a literary movement of the late 1940’s which was formed by a group of young American writers who rejected society’s conformism, materialism, post Second World War and close mindedn
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  • Arguments in favor of the death penalty
    ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR OF THE DEATH PENALTY The death penalty can prevent crimes, may deter potential murderers, can save lives. Because after the implementation of a punishment to the next crime, which usually do not think that will be discovered and punished, they will know the consequences of the
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  • The lives of dominican women
    The lives of Dominican Women The role of women in the Dominican Republic has change a lot since 1960, the time when Rafael L. Trujillo was president of the Dominican Republic. This time was characterized by strong repression and traditional values that has persistence influence on the lives of Domi
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  • Cars of the future
    Cars of the future In the future the people will need cars faster, safer and which do not harm the environment, so many companies are beginning to design this type of vehicles, the most of them whit the objective of preserve the environment because in this days we have this problem and in a futur
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  • The structure of scientific revolutions
    T.S. Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions offers an in depth look at the nature of science and the paths that it has taken - paths it will inevitably continue to take in the future - to evolve to the place it now sits. Kuhn sketches quite a different concept of science than what we have be
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  • Lord of the flies
    Lord of the Flies ‘Lord of the Flies’ follows the story of a group of boys stranded on an isolated desert island. This group of boys was compound by different type of classes, in the point of view of luxury, manners and knowledge. They were in a plane which was attacked by another one, and cr
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  • A nobel prize for game theorists: the contributions of harsanyi, nash and selten
    Faruk Gul I n 1994, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in economics to John C. Harsanyi, John F. Nash and Reinhard Selten for their contributions to noncooperative game theory. This was the first time the academy had awarded a Nobel Prize to game theorists. It is diffi
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  • Day of the dead
    Día de muertos & Halloween In Mexico, once a year, death is celebrated. “Each autumn, the living invite their dead to join them in a festival of communion-to return home again and, for a few hours, to sit by the hearth and warm their cold bones before returning to the land of the dead” (Ro
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  • Anteproyecto de traduccion
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  • Letras the mar volta
    |Copernicus |Copérnico | |Close the doors... |Cierra las puertas… | |if you want to seen her breathin
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