1 Hi how are you? / fine thanks75078650 2. what's your name / well my name is 3 please can spell your name 4 how old are you / i’m 27 5 feels like / i feel happy 6 you are fat or thin / i’m not fat or thin 7 what is

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1 hi how are you? / fine thanks75078650
2. What’s your name / well my name is
3 please can spell your name
4 how old are you / I’m 27
5 feels like / i feel happy
6 you are fat or thin / I’m notfat or thin
7 what is your favorite color / my favorite color is red
8 what is your work / im teacher, student, operator and lawyer.
9 what do you do / im studying
10 where do you live / I livein Santa Ana city
11 is English easy / well so so
12 when is your birthday / my birthday is ……
13 where are you from / im salvadorean
14 what is your favorite food / i like …….
15 what time do yousleep / im sleep at …..pm
16 what time do you eat breakfast / im have my breakfast at am
17 what time do you wacht tv / im look tv at am or pm
18 do you travel to san salvador city / yes i travelor not i travel
20 how is your husband, mother / he is funny, she is sweet
21 how is your house / my house is small or big
22 as you are at work / im responsible
23 What is your favorite animal /my favorite animal is parakeet
24 what are you best qualities / im happy friendly, intelligent, talkative and funny
25 how do you relax / I listen to music, playing in internet
26 what is yourfavorite day of the week / my favorite day is Saturday morning
27 where is your cell phone / this is my back pack, or on my pocket
28 what is your mobile number / my mobile number is 222 456 780
29how often do you study / I study every day
30 what clothes to wear in summer / im wear pans tennis shoes, short and t shirt
31 can you wash your clothes / yes I can
32 can you play to the guitar / noI can
33 you like to eat at a restaurant / if I like
34 you order to eat / im order soup the beans and chicken rice
35 you order to drink / im order diet coke or tea the lemon
36 means oftransport to use / im use motorcycle and other walk or bus and car
37 which parts of your body / my head, shoulder arms my legs and my heart
38 what is your favorite hobbies / my favorite hobbies...
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