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Cancun Quintana Roo
baccalaureate college campus 4
Name: francisco ruben coba cel
SUBJECT: English
grade: 1 group: E

1)Handbag: special leave = the girl bought a handbag2) carry: load something = let's take this to your home
3)ring: finger accessory = Yesterday I bought a ring
4) Dialogue: Conversation between two or more persons that is being exchanged bythe floor.
= my friends are talking
5) Buys: Acquisition or getting something in exchange for a price.
= this afternoon my parents left to buy
6) getting:have something = Gotta yesterday mycertificate
7) sandals: footwear for girl = she gave these sandals
8) Prices: Monetary value is estimated something. = I bought one yesterday
9) Accessories: Element or object that is used tosupplement other thing and that is optional take into account = Mrs. front has many accessories
10) sneakers: footwear for bullfighters = the bullfighter took the bull's ear
11) diferent:dissimilar = our task is not similar its diferent
12)people: human being living on earth dominant = jony people are very crazy
13)running: action to move = the car is running
14) necklace:attachment to the neck especially ladies = the girl bought the most expensive necklace
15)dancing: action that causes the music = shuffle dance
16)example: response similar in character to the =see for example 3 if tigers are ....
17) Breakfast: First meal that is taken in the day when you wake up.
= last night I started thinking about my breakfast
18) Demonstrative: to prove something= when you buy something you get the demonstrative
19)Now: when this = today
20)sentences: Mostly such as sayings = tell me six sentences of Quintana Roo
21) Conversation: communicate withsomeone = I talk on the facebook
22)Listen: sound = listen and write
23) Number: what names to use for counting and other things = one two three
24)shower: cleaned the body = go for a...
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