About life, love, time and god

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About life, love, time, and God.
Since ever had existed, exists and will exist the question: “Is the life a bless or a curse?". We usually answer “…it’s a bless”.
However, when wesuffer a lost or something really terrible happens to us we feel miserable and this question starts to roam on our mind.
To me, it’s just not fair to say it’s a curse, but neither is saying it’sa bless. The life goes further, the life is a challenge. A challenge we face and confront since we born, and only ends when we die.
“The life is one and only”, a challenge and, as longas we keep alive, an infinite war where is posible to win, lose and teach. Sometimes we wish it ended but when we imagine the end, the death itself, our legs tremble.
In life, the most extremefeeling is, with no doubt, the love. There are no rules in it. We could try guiding by a manual, try to control the heart, have a behave strategy, but all this is foolish. Who decides is the heart, andwhatever it decides is what matters.
At some point in our lives, alls had said between tears: “i’m suffering for a love that not worths this sorrow”. Alls had felt that, we suffer because wediscover that we give more than what we receive. We suffer because our love is not recognized. We suffer because we can’t input our rules.
We suffer with intensity, because from love depends ourdevelopment as human beings. The love is the escence of life, the more we love, the more we get close to the spiritual greatness. The souls in contact with it know that the true love means an act of totaldevotion, act that most of us don’t understand neither do and is the reason for wich this world is falling down.
Since we are kids we are taught that: “life and love passes, the days form weeks,the weeks months and the months years”.
We also are taught that days are formed by hours, hours by minutes, minutes by seconds and so on. We live, thus, in the time, while time passes our lives...
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