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You Can Fool Your Attitude Into Being Positive and Confident
By Art Sobczak on Aug 9, 2011 in Self Motivation
Debt crisis, stock market roller coastering, riots, wars… there’s lots of fodder fornegative people to grab ahold of and wallow in. Add to that the fact that using the phone in sales can be one of the most morale-crushing tasks that anyone can perform–if you allow it to take you tothat place.
We can’t control those other outside influences, any more than we can control the weather. We just need to adjust. But the phone part, well, there’s something we can be proactive about.Let’s face it, most people are not wired to consistently take the beating that many folks on the phone face, day after day. Most normal humans quit doing something after it hurts. We make the next call.To deal with this, I have always suggested two remedies:
1. Continually working on your selling skills to minimize the source of our negative feelings, which is resistance and a lack ofaccomplishment.
2. Continually working on keeping your attitude at a peak level. I maintain that 80% of your success is due to how you feel. Let’s look at this one today.
Just about a year ago at this time, I ranour Funniest/Most Embarrassing Phone Experiences Contest (worth reading if you’d like a laugh, or many), in which I received a number of great submissions. One that did not make the cut, according tothe judges, actually had the most value as a learning experience.
It was submitted by "Bryan H." Here it is.
A few years back when I was working intelecom, a rookie candidate had been on the phones for weeks and could not set an appointment for the life of him.
With much training and coaching he still could not get anyone to meet with him. It was myidea to attempt to measure his competence in a real life scenario so I built a calling list for him and replaced a prospect’s phone number with my cell number.
I stood by awaiting for his anxious...
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