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Current USA Metal Halide Outer Orbit Fixtures

Current USA Metal Halide Outer Orbit Fixtures |
Once you experience Outer Orbit, nothing will ever look the same! This spectacular 24-hourlighting solution combines our 10,000K PowerPaq HQI Metal Halide(s), SunPaq Dual Actinics and Moon White Lunar Lights into one sleek, integrated fixture that brings out the real colors in your reef tank. |Microprocessor Controlled Internal Driving System
The patented microprocessor controlled circuitry inside each ballast unleashes the intensity of the PowerPaq and SunPaq lamps while ensuringconsistent high performance and energy efficiency. A high-CFM fan quietly cools the ballast and lamps for peak performance. Remote ballasts and too-hot-to-touch fixture housings are a thing of the past anddefinitely not Current.

Steroids For Your Coral
The PowerPaq 10,000K Metal Halide will make your corals thrive with stunning intensity and awesome color rendition. Packed with lumens the 10,000Kprovides the natural shimmering effect found on coral reefs. Coupled with the highly efficient electronic driving system the 10,000K Daylight PowerPaq produces more lumens per watt than any comparablelamp or fixture.

The Best of Both Worlds
Enhancing the 10,000K Daylight are the revolutionary Dual Actinic Lamps providing both 460nm and 420nm Actinic in one lamp. Emitting the necessary energyfor activating photosynthesis in chlorophyll A and C, the Dual Actinic provides the most complete actinic lighting spectrum available.

Night Time is the Right Time
Completing the 24-hour lightingcycle are the Moon White Lunar Lights casting a natural moon glow over your aquarium, creating the perfect environment for viewing nocturnal habits and stimulating spawning.

A Truly Complete LightingSystem
Polished German parabolic reflectors pump up the light output while the splash lenses protect the lamps and fixture from corrosion. Sleek hanging stainless hardware and docking mounts...
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