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Theorical Work:
1. Planning:
Mission: Is the reason to be of the company. It tells us briefly who we are, what we do, and for whom the company is directed.
Vision: It is who the company wants tobe. Is the image that in a future the company wants to represent.
Justification: Is the reason why the company is created.
Motto: The phrase which people will identify the company.
Objectives: Thethings that the company wants to achieve, they can be general or specific, and help the company accomplish what it wants to be.
Specific Objectives: These are the objectives that are inside thecompany like in administration or marketing.
General Objectives: These objectives are the ones that are external, are what the company wants to accomplish in long term.
Strategies: Are the things you toaccomplish the objectives of your company.
Goals: Is what the company wants to achieve from their objectives.
S.W.O.T. analysis:
• Strengths: The things that give the company advantage fromothers.
• Weaknesses: Features outside the company that put the company in disadvantage compared to others
• Opportunities: Exterior chances to improve the performance of the company.
• Threats: Exteriorelements that could cause damage to the company.

2. Organizing:
Enterprise position description:
• Profile of the position: It describes what the company needs someone to have in order to behired.
• Dependency of the position: It tells to whom each position needs to report and accept orders:
• Subordinates of the position: It tells which positions depends on other positions, and whogive orders to other positions.
• Functions of the position: It shows what kind of work the employee is going to do.
• Responsibilities of the position: It shows every task the employee in eachposition needs to accomplish.
Organizational Chart: It is a chart that shows the positions in the company and the order of importance.
3. Leading:
The leading part of the administrative process involves...
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