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1. Read the text and the main idea

The main idea of the text is focused on people living on the streets, some of them do not live in the streets on their own initiative, come from families with avery violent or where ever there is understanding, uneducated, jobless, health, that is, with few opportunities to get ahead

2. Write a sentence with each word highlighted

• Displacement is aserious topic for our country.

• A lot of youth work in all lights, selling sweets and other things to help their families.

• Homeless people need more attention from the government and itscitizens.

• Maybe I have to do a financial credit to pay for my college.

• I am wondering why some people live very difficult.

• A person living on the streets can do things like us.

• I guessthe government knows how many people on average live on the streets, and obviously has a plan.

3. Write a short essay about the actions to be taken to help the homeless in our country.

The textspeaks of people living on the streets of the few opportunities they have and what kind of life as well as conflict that exists within their family.

We must bear in mind that our country's realityis very similar but much higher degree because we have to link to this violence between guerrillas and the high number of displaced people arriving daily to the cities capital cities

To survive,these people have to sell food, sweets, there are even children who are exploited in order to help their families. There are even older adults who are left on the streets by their own family, in manycases, have terminal illnesses or mental problems.

Therefore, the first solution we should take with regard to this problem is to focus more on the field of education either by the government in itsinstitutions and each nuclear family in treating the living for these people is the better and do not lead to get into this situation as difficult as it is survival on the streets.

In addition,...
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