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ÉNICO GROUP OF JAMAICAJamaica according to the census of 2001, most of Jamaica's population is of African descent. The most common ethnic groups among the Africans brought to Jamaica were the Akanand Igbo. Multiracial Jamaicans form the second largest racial group many of whom also have Irish ancestry, although most people of mixed race on the island of self-reported simply as "Jamaica".Jamaicans of Indian descent and China, form the next largest racial group of multiracial Jamaicans. Lebanon, Syria, English, Scottish, Irish, Germans and Jamaicans are a small racial minority, but are stillvery influential, both socially and economically.
Jamaica (official name, Jamaica), formed by an island country, which is the third largest of the Antilles, located 90 miles south of Cuba and 100miles from Haiti, divided by the Jamaica Channel. Jamaica has a maximum length from east to west, about 235 km, the maximum length from north to south is approximately 80 km. The total land area is10,991 km ². Kingston is the capital and largest city, and also a great commercial port. |


The Jamaicans have retained a taste for folk tales, the m? Music andreligious beliefs of their African ancestors. This explains why the island about a hundred practice different religions.
They are very superstitious and believe in esp? Spirits (duppies). To protectyourself, have all sorts of stratagems, such as placing covered cross and a Bible near the headwaters of the baby? S to preserve your dream. Also, there are many healers who appease their evil spellslearned of his countrymen. Jamaicans cultivate humor and banter. They take everything with a certain distance and filosof? A, which can irritate those who feel anxious and stressed.
Language andreligion

The ENGL? S is the official language, although many Jamaicans speak a local dialect ENGL? S words that incorporates African, Spanish? Waves and French. The traditional family est? composed of...
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