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Marlen Sanchez
English 116 05
September 22, 2009.

Twenty-one years of marriage, Emma and Peter had. In the story, “ The Harness.” the author narratesthe story of a marriage were one part is incontrol of the marriage. Twenty-one years Emma had the control, and only one week Peter had it. Emma was the autority in their marriage: She imposed a life style structure. She will make all thedecisions, about the house the farm, and also control her husband, Peter will have the respect of the community members were they lived, and like a payment for he s submission he will have a week a yearoff from Emma’s control.
Emma comes from an important and respected family. Her father was a thirty third-degree Mason and Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge of California. Emma’s family wasimportant and respect, and she wanted the same life she had when she was living with her father. Before Emma’s father died “ he had taken a great deal of interest in Peter’s Masonic career”(77). He saw theopportunity to marry Peter to get the style of life she was used to.” The Randal ranch lay across the Salinas river (…) forty-five acres of rich level sail(..) and eighty acres of gentle upland forhay and orchard(…) Under Emma’s direction, peter raise button dahlias and immortelles, carnations and pinks”(78). Peter’s ranch, even though the decisions about what to plant were made by his wifeEmma. The reward she has was seem Peter working. In the things she wants.
In addition of the respecter by his neighbors , “Peter Randall was one of the most highly respected farmers of Monterreycountry”(77). At his fifty years he has a great posture. “He hald his shoulders back as thought they were branched and he sucked his stomach like a soldier” (77). The respected was thanks to Emma, to thesecret harness he used under he’s close, Emma’s harness, also he had the respect of the farmers because Peter Randall and Clark Dewitt made the best decisions about what to plant. “It was generally...
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