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Portfolio Project. LeMonde Bar.

Daniela Gutierrez Palmero

Final Project: MGMT-5101V-1GB Global Business Capstone

Walden University


In my personal opinion, for every theory course you take, it is necessary to put in practice all what you have learned, in order to see how the real world works, because it is not always the same what is written than reality.
This projectis a personal idea for the kind of business I would like to have or manage in the future, in order to make this project I will focus in all the theory I had seen in this course, Global Business Capstone.
With this I would like to complete my learning process of all what is need to know in order to have a successful business in our times, considering globalization.

Business Concept

This is aproject of a business focus in the tourism area, because it is about a establishment of food and beverage, it is an International Bar, that will provide a big variety of snacks and drinks from different countries around the world, like Turkey and Japan in Asia, Spain and Germany in Europe, the United States and Brazil in America, and Oceania and Africa will be together, with countries likeAustralia and Egypt.
This idea emerge from my love of traveling around the world, meeting different kind of people and getting to know their culture, which includes the kind of food and beverage they are used to have, and all their traditions.
The name of the Bar, the one that appears in the firs paper, is “LeMonde Bar”; this means “The World” in French. I choose this name because I think that itsound well and can attract a lot of people; it is also easy to remember, and more important it includes the concept of the Bar, because it is all about the different countries in the World.
This is the logo of the Bar:

Be the first option for costumers in international snacks and drinks.
Mission Statement
Offer a service with the highest standards of quality, searching at all moment thecomplete satisfaction of costumers.
Goals and Objectives
Become a great opportunity when choosing between some bar to visit and go out with friends.
Be the most updated place in all concerning about music, food, and drinks from different places in the world.
Recover the total amount of the initial investment in 3 years.
Attract new costumers by having some special offers, and concerts.
Bethe best bar in town for young people.
Expand with some other bars in 5 more places: in the principal projects for tourism in Mexico: Cancun, Los Cabos, Huatulco, Loreto and Ixtapa (all of them have beach).
Every year increment sales in 20% minimum.
Market Analysis
The establishment will be located in Queretaro, which is the capital of the State Queretaro, north from Mexico City. It will be inone of the principal arteries of my city, where a lot of establishment like restaurants and bars are located.
This project is focus in all young people that live in Queretaro, or nearby, that are always looking for new places where to gang out with friends, enjoying good food and good drink; not in an expensive manner but learning something about the world they lie in at the same time.
It won’tbe too easy to enter the market, because Queretaro is a difficult place for opening new establishment of food, beverage and entertainment, or a mix between them. I don’t know the exact reason for this phenomenon, but it exists, so I have to make a big effort in publicity and public relations to make this work exactly as I want to, but I am ready to do it.
Our indirect competitors are all the barslocated in Queretaro, which are a lot, and all discotheques and nightclubs. A direct competitor doesn’t have, because it is a new concept, which includes something from around the world, and where we would offer new products at a reasonable price.
My product is completely different from my competition, because all is about different cultures and countries, my costumers will have a different...
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