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Carlos Arturo Mejia Godoy (1943 -) is a musician, composer and songwriter Nicaragua.

Carlos Mejia Godoy is one of the most important representatives of the New Song of Nicaragua. Participatedactively in the period of Sandinista rule (1979 - 1990). His work, highly social content, is very important in the music history of Nicaragua and all developed in Spanish.
BiografíaNació in Somoto,department of Madriz, Nicaragua on June 27, 1943. Son of Carlos Mejia Fajardo, popular musician, builder of marimbas and Elsa Maria Godoy, a school teacher and artisan bread. His brother Luis EnriqueMejia Godoy, two years his junior, is also a Nicaraguan musician.

comienzosEn the decade of the 60 (twentieth century) was started to stand with his "Peasant Alforja" which was sung by the band "TheMadrigals". These are the songs of those years social content which we showed and his sympathy for the revolutionary movement of the FSLN and its integration into the University's student movement.Songs like "from Siuna with Love", "Girl of the FSLN," "Tomb of the Guerrilla" are at the time. Along with the group "The Bisturices Harmonics" is dedicated to research and study of folklore collectingand disseminating old Nicaraguan peasant songs.

Before 19 julioA late '60s, built-in Radio Corporation of Nicaragua, wrote "Chinto jiñocuago" and created the character of Corporito, which as hedescribes it in 1993:

"I sang a parody every day, changing the lyrics to popular songs and adapting to a political and social problem"

and recognizes that allowed him to discover himself as acommunicator.

In the following years would create songs that identified with the people and their hopes, songs like "Terence Acahualinca", "Debris Panchito", "Quincho Barrel", "Clodomiro the Najo" "Maryof the guards" that would have great success in throughout the country and abroad.

He founded, after the terrible earthquake of 72, the "People's Workshop Sound" with Humberto Quintanilla,...
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