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Alex Rodriguez: The Player

Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez “A-Rod” was born in July 27 of 1975 in New York, New York. Alex Rodriguez was raised up in Miami, Florida by his parents where he became a leading player of Westminster Christian High School.[pic]
Their parents of Dominican nationality are Lourdes Navarro and Victor Rodriguez, their brothers are Joe and Suzy. It measures six feet, threeinches and weight one hundred ninety and five pounds. In 1993 Alex Rodriguez's talent and passion for baseball was rewarded when he became the Seattle Mariners #1 pick of the amateur draft in 1993 at the mere age of 17. At the age of 18, due to his extraordinary playing skill Alex Rodriguez got an opportunity to make his major league debut as a shortstop. It played with Seattle during sevenseasons, it was changed to Texas Rangers as a free agent. This deal was the most unprecedented contract in American sports history. Alex Rodriguez signed a 10-year contract worth an astonishing $252 million dollars. The 2003 season proved to be more promising for Alex Rodriguez. Alex Rodriguez hit .298 with 47 home runs, won his second consecutive Gold Glove Award and became the league's MVP. AlexRodriguez also received his first ever, American League Most Valuable Player award on. In December, the Rangers tried to trade Alex Rodriguez and his remuneration to the Boston Red Sox, but the deal was blocked by the Players Association. On the other hand, the Red Sox wanted to cut Alex Rodriguez's salary. On 25th January 2004, he was named captain of the Rangers and was traded to the Yankees threeweeks later. With Yankees Alex Rodriguez plays as a third base to let Yankees captain Derek Jeter contend as shortstop. Moreover Alex Rodriguez was given the #3, the number which is associated with Babe Ruth. But in the spring training of the same season he appeared with #13 on his jersey. All you need to know about Alex as a player is that he is currently the best in the business. He is a terrifichitter, a solid fielder and a intelligent base runner. Lost in the highs and lows of his years in pinstripes is the fact that he has swiped eighty eight (88) bases for the Yankees.

When the Mariners and Rangers pushed him to hit more homers, Alex bulked up and added more lift to his swing. That had the desired effect, but is also caused his average to dip and his strikeouts totals toincrease. With the Yankees, he abandoned this approach and the result was phenomenal. No righty in New York history has hit for more power in the Bronx. A consistent fielder who makes all the plays, Alex is not flashy or spectacular.
Still, he always seems to get his glove on tough balls and nip fast runners with his throws. After an adjustment period at third base, more of the reaction positionthan shortstop is, Alex has found a comfort zone at the hot corner. He has abandoned any thought of returning to his old position.

At the moment, he is the player better paid of the Major League. It committed an error when it was accused to give positive to anti-doping test between year 2001 and 2003 but were not fined because in that time there was no a policy of prohibition in the MajorLeague. Alex responded and admitted his error to the press and its fans who had consumed substances to performance enhancing during those years and requested excuses by his error and irresponsibility. Finally Alex managed to handle with much firmness and responsibility this subject and learn in the process.


Some of their profits are:

• USA Baseball Junior Player of the Year.• Gatorade’s National Student Athlete of the Year.
• Youngest shortstop ever to play in all-star game; 20 years, 11 month.
• Four Hank Aaron awards.
• Three silver slugger awards.
• Two Golden Gloves awards.
• Three time MVP awards.
• Youngest player arrive at five hundred Home Runs.
• 40/40 club member (1 of 3)
• Five time all star.
• Named Major...
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