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Situation Analysis
Proctor & Gamble
 One of the world´s leading companies in consumer products (In 1997, with 300 brands in over 140 countries and with sales of $37 billon). Focused onproducts with functional superiority with a high investment in R&D.
 Five product divisions: Laundry and Cleaning, Paper, Food and Beverages, Beauty Care and Health Care.
 Feminine protectionproducts belong to the Paper Division (30% of total sales in 1997). In 1997, feminine protection disposable pads were a $7 billion market, growing steadily at 5%-10% rate.
 Always was the world´sleading feminine protection disposable pads brand, with 25% of market share worldwide.
 P&G acquired Tampax (1997), the world´s leading tampon brand. P&G also markets Alldays pantiliners brand.
P&G entered Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia in 1990. One year after the company entered Russia via a joint venture with University of St. Petersburg. P&G entered these markets with their premiumbrands.
 P&G Russia is part of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) unit. This unit was the fastest growing territory in the EMEA region, with volume increase of 25% vs. previous year.
 In theperiod 1990 to 1995, the Russian market registered small growth when compared to other Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary, due to economic recession and less developed distributioninfrastructure.
 Always was launched in Russia in 1995. P&G initially marketed 3 sku´s in this category - Classic and Plus in regular pad and Ultra Plus. The Always brand was recognized as apremium brand and, it achieved market leadership in Nov-Dec 1997, reaching 16.9% of market share.
 Unlike in other CEE markets, P&G choose to implement in Russia a price strategy similar to the one it hasin Western European countries: Always had a 30% increase for each upgrade in category.

 Russia´s GDP increased by 0.4%, industrial production by 1.9% and inflation went down by 11% in...
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