An admirable person

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I cannot explain myself how one person could ever change my life and the life of so many others in such a positive way. So it is even more difficult to explain it to you. But Ipromise, I'll do my best.

Jorge Font of February 1987 was a young man of 19 years old. He's life was one part studying, and the other part skiing. He was in his best athletic careerepisode. At that time he just broke the national record of acrobatic figures, he returned from the Ski World Championship, and he was training for the Latin American Championship. Andin one of those trainings, he fell. He fell doing what he likes the most. He broke his spinal cord between the fifth and sixth cervical vertebra; therefore he had a spinal cordinjury and ended up in a life with a disability. But that didn’t impede Jorge to help others. He participates in TeleTon giving conferences, and he is the coordinator of the programThink First. But he’s biggest achievement is the foundation of Olinca Cuernavaca.

He is the only person I know, that by his own initiative is giving us –his students for life –thenecessary tools, so we can build up our dreams and goals in this complicated world. He has taught me: everything is possible for those who are willing to try, and it is even easier forthose who try harder.

As he once told me, we can all be something extraordinary in someone else's life and make a difference, without having to be a super hero, but simply bybeing the best person we can be. That is what Jorge does… he exploits the best of each and everyone that surrounds him, so we can really be "someone" for somebody else.

He has alwaysspeaks about the biggest debt in the world he has with life, and he always says that life will never be enough for him to pay that enormous debt…

Well... he has already paid
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