Analisis de la industria de la construccion

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1. Industry description
1.1 Size

It is necessary for us to get a better idea of the size of the property market in Ecuador, used as a reference to the group Inmocasales. They've got a development of over 3,200 housing units. In this way, they have created more than 1,000 sources of monthly direct employment and 5,000 indirectly.

Theyhave made the construction of more than 251,731 m2 of real estate projects. Economic activity has generated around USD $. 76'670 .000 translated in receipt of remittances, direct loans funded by us, credit operations granted by the national and international financial institutions, both our group and the customers who buy our properties.

In the past 6 years, Inmocasales has exceeded USD $93'903 .000 in sales of properties both locally and migrants, helping the country's economic development.

Once the reference, we will focus on reaching those numbers to compete against them and have a better market share.

According to the Central Bank of Ecuador, the construction sector has a market size:

Industry Size (thousands of dollars) |
Activity/years | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 |
E.Construction and public works | 5.344.206 | 5.498.198 | 5.916.853 |
23. Construction | 5.344.206 | 5.498.198 | 5.916.853 |
Gross Domestic Product | 54.208.522 | 52.021.864 | 56.998.219 |

1.2 Growth

The construction sector in Ecuador has shown a sustained growth performance over the past 10 years. The real estate and housing were formed in 2009 as one of the sectors that registered growthof gross value added of 5.37%.

Currently, according to the "Superintendencia de Compañías del Ecuador", each year new companies entering the market the construction sector. 25 years ago there were only 358 companies and currently exceeds 1600.

Growth in this sector is driven by government housing programs, the revival of self-motivated by higher financing facilities, an environment ofcompetitive interest rates and improved economic prospects. For its part, public investment in infrastructure also contributes to its growth, which does enable the construction industry and many other related economic activities.

In addition, demand for construction labour in abundance and a significant number of activities such as mining, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, transportation to servicesand sophisticated electronics. This is the reason why is a valuable engine of economic growth in Ecuador.

2.3 Analyzing Current Market
By the population growth and the formation of new hearths. After there do not exist at present programs of housing of any type, not on a credit that they allow gaining access to housing, the people are forced to the buy of illegal areas and to theinvasions like alternative of being provided with proper house.

The present project is about how to introduce important progress, at the moment of tackling the problem of the housing of social interest, and proposes the consideration as the urban social segregation is the result of a void participation of the final user on financing topics, administration, design and construction.

Actually inNaranjal exist a different company real states that offer program to houses like CESLIAN S.A, INVERSIONES GISROC S.A, NAVICELL S.A, ARIAMNA C.A.,IABRO C.A,etc. But we want to offer housing development with towns of two types, with swimming pools, infantile games, gardens. In an agreeable environment surrounded with nature but with all the services of a big city.

2.4 Competition AnalysisActually, the most important competitors are located in Guayaquil, and a few quantities of them dedicate their efforts in make a project in places situated out of the village, because obviously that involves a risk and even a very depth study.
There are not companies which are established in Naranjal, but we have competitors located next to the village, those are the followings:

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