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A. PRODUCT: Analyze the product from each of the variables compounding it.

* Product Level: Define the fundamental, real and added product.
TheECO-HEPGE COFTEA printer is an innovative printer that uses a reusable deposit by which the coffee or tea is put into, instead of using industrial common and expensive ink.

* Product Classification:Identify the product classification and reasons to be classified in that group.
This product is classified into the goods classification. It is a shopping product because is a very useful printerfor people who have computer but requires more effort and a longer purchasing behavior than other products and are always compared to other brands before buying them. Also it is a little bit moreexpensive than convenience products because they are more exclusive and they are only found in few stores.

* Objective Segments: Identify the segment the product is directed to.
The target marketappropriated for this product is people that like to save expenses and at the same time are engaged with the environment because this printer is a product that doesn’t need electric energy and expensiveinks for its main function. (Eco-friendly)

* Product’s Attributes

* Brand: How the name or brand was given to the product. Sponsorship, branding strategy, packaging.
The name of thisproduct is ECO-HEPGE COFTEA Printer: ECO is from eco-friendly product, HEPGE is from the last names of its inventors and COFTEA is because this printer uses coffee and tea as source for printing.
Itssponsor is the environmental foundation that acts against damages caused to the ecosystem, such as Greenpeace.
It is packaged in recyclable materials and boxes that can be re-used as many times asneeded so that way it contributes to the final purpose of the product.

* Support services
* Product Life Cycle.
It is considered as a product that is in the introductory stage because it is...
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